20 April 2022 ~ 0 Comments

Threadless’s Dragons Love Tales

Dragons Love Tales by thiagoegg is my favorite Threadless print this week. The first thing that impressed me is how well-balanced it is- the head and tail both lift to the same height, framing the action happening on the dragon’s back. Color is used to draw attention to the middle section, with a bright yellow child and white supporting elements creating an angled stripe along the center that moves the eye through the scene. The style of the art is fantastic, using a loose, scalloped doodle line in many areas- the scales, mouth, and plates. The friendliness of those curves gives the dragon a sweet personality, making the smoke escaping from his nostrils seem like a sign of contentment rather than a threat. The boy is also full of character, perched on his ladder and reading so excitedly that his hat has popped off his head. Really great work, and the perfect shirt for a kid who loves reading about dragons (or an adult who fondly remembers those days).

Threadless prints new shirts every week, chosen from the designs submitted by and voted on by site members. Most winners earn $1 to $7 per item sold.

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