10 January 2022 ~ 0 Comments

WAMI Swag’s Always Winter

Always Winter by teesgeex won WAMI Swag’s Cold design contest, and I think it works really well as a winter-themed piece that can be worn year round. I like the way it takes the idea of cold and instead of just applying it to the season or weather, it projects it onto icy personality types. Game of Thrones’s frostbitten Night King is a great stand in for the concept because his blue color makes him seem to embody frozenness… although I do wonder if the rapidly decreasing popularity of the GoT franchise (a bummer of a last season will do that) might harm the design’s long-term prospects. At any rate, the mad enthusiasm of this character, whose giant grin takes up nearly half his face, is endearing and makes the cold feel worth being excited about. It’s a fun piece, and the snowy details set just the right mood.

Winners at WAMI Swag will earn a cash prize (amount varies based on contest entered). Any designs sold on WAMI Swag also earn the artist 20% of each sale.

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