10 June 2021 ~ 0 Comments

Pampling’s Second Breakfast Friends

Second Breakfast Friends by Fanfabio is one of many designs that uses the famous image of the Friends cast sharing milkshakes to demonstrate friendship between another group. What makes this design stand apart from the pack is the way it gives the meal itself extra billing, a brilliant move that makes the shirt not just about hobbits, but also about the extremely appealing custom of multiple extra meals that they get to live out. So even if you’re only a casual fan of this fantasy series, I wouldn’t be surprised if the sheer bounty and deliciousness of the lifestyle being shown still made this a pretty enticing shirt. And of course, the hobbits are very endearingly drawn as well, with touselled hair and round features that give them mischievous, rascally personalities.

Pampling has multiple prizes available. XPress Prize winners earn 1 euro for each product sold in the presale and XPress sale (with a guaranteed minimum of 500 euros). Shot Prize winners earn 1 euro per product sold (with a guaranteed minimum of 200 euros). Classic Prize winners get 300 euros. All designers are also potentially eligible for the 1000 euro Designer of the Month Prize (selected by the Pampling team taking into consideration sales success, priority, and participation).

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