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Threadless: Universe Within and more new this week

Universe Within by 7115 is my favorite Threadless print this week. It makes excellent use of the entire surface of the shirt, enveloping the collar and one sleeve in a dark explosion of hair and stars. The figure’s face is decked out in oversized sunglasses, cleverly using a light flare in the lenses to make her features the focal point. Other highlights on her skin are achieved with soft patterns of dots, an effect that feels related to the look of the stars and helps all areas of the illustration to relate visually. I love the smooth, liquid curves of the piece, creating a dramatic but serene ambiance that reflects its celestial theme.

Skeleton Unicorn by NemiMakeIt sits at the intersection of cute and evil, always a popular area for t-shirt design. The unicorn is made to feel extra-harmless and sweet with its extreme curves, fat belly and stubby legs, so even though you can see all his bones no one would find this skeleton intimidating. A punch of pastel colors make the art feel like candy, also creating a rainbow that gives the character an environment to exist in. The cheeky rudeness of the “Go to Hell” slogan implies some personality for the unicorn, and is also a quiet hint at storytelling- maybe that’s exactly where this creature is from?

Gen Z by alanis pokes fun at the habit of people photographing their meals for social media, finding a great punchline by making the photographer a literal zombie and the food a pile of gross brains and eyeballs. The message seems clear- people doing this are mindlessly following a trend, and no one really wants to see your food. As the shirt’s title makes clear, there’s also a Gen Z, Gen Zombie gag that adds some depth to the humor. Personally, I think the joke itself is a bit dated, but the illustration redeems the concept with a surprising amount of charm and detail. I like how even though the zombie is covered in open wounds, you can still see the joy in her expression as she captures the photo. The looseness of the lines, even in the plate itself, helps the art to feel warm rather than clinical or gross.

Threadless prints new shirts every week, chosen from the designs submitted by and voted on by site members. Most winners earn $1 to $7 per item sold.

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