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Threadless: Bartlett Pearrot and more new this week

Bartlett Pearrot by artThouHilder is my favorite Threadless design this week. I love the wacky surrealism of it, combining animal and fruit in a way that has moments of each half feeling realistic. The soft color shifts and highlight gleam of the body scream Pear, which the dappled effect around the parrot’s face helps the bird to feel alive. Both the plant and the animal share such similar shape and coloring that the mix feels natural… if a bit amusingly unsettling.

Enjoy Ramen Division by corruptdata takes the famous lined Joy Division album cover and turns it on its side, becoming strands of noodles seeming to be tangled in the center section. To keep the style consistent, even the chopsticks, bowl, and add-ins like egg and shrimp are rendered in the same white outlined style. If you like both music and ramen, this one is probably pretty hard to resist. While the art is strong as-is, I think there’s an opportunity to tangle some of the ingredients in the noodles in that central section to tie the concept together even more.

Le Beau Blob by v_calahan takes Da Vinci’s Lady With Ermine in a new, weird direction. While the original’s rodent was already kind of odd, the strangeness is magnified considerably by replacing the animal with a blob fish. The mere fact of seeing a fish out of water and held like a pet in this way feels wrong, but the fact that it’s specifically a blob fish, with that unfinished human-looking face, staring directly at the viewer, is a total blast of the bizarre. I like this surreal, fun-loving take on a piece of fine art, it helps to make paintings of that era feel more accessible to modern tastes.

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