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Threadless’s Wellness Apple and more new this week

Wellness Apple by nickv47 is my favorite Threadless print this week. Apples are often used as a symbol of healthy eating, so it feels right to see this one tackling a fitness regime of his own. His cheerful expression and tiny accessories (the headband and little gym shoes) make him feel like quite a wholesome character. What tweaks the sweet scene into one of humor is the inclusion of the tiny worm. I love that instead of being a gross-out moment, instead the worm feels like a nod to the natural, fresh-picked qualities of the apple- with an implication that the apple’s healthy nature has influenced the worm to exercise as well. Maybe if you eat an apple, you’ll be next!

Inside Analog2 by makapa is slightly perplexing to me, because I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking at. I believe it to be the form of a cassette tape, filled with walls and objects that turn it into a cool chill-out space for activities like playing music, reading, and relaxing with a cat. What makes me less sure about it being a cassette tape is the way the wheels seem placed closer to the edges than the center, and the way one looks so much larger than the other. Some things I associate strongly with cassettes, like the ribbons of tape, clear window in the center, and pushed-out area at the bottom where tape is read, aren’t present at all. This isn’t a bad thing- the concept of recreation through an imaginative version of technology is still present- but it did leave me wondering if this might be an 8-track or something (what do those even look like?).

Nope by FoxShiver is a simple doodle, but with a lot of personality. The bird’s rough outline makes him feel like a fellow who is having a pretty rough day, flustered down to his feathers. His wide eye staring at the ground looks shocked and dismayed, as though he’s just now realized he’s meant to eat worms. Really, you can’t blame the guy for saying NOPE. Easy to relate to, and quick to be understood. Solid stuff.

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