17 June 2020 ~ 0 Comments

Threadless’s Small World

The Threadless catalog isn’t showing any new designs this week, so instead I’ll be highlighting a favorite design from recently added Artist Shops pieces.

Small World by waynem feels like a tribute to Disney’s famous Small World ride, with strong geometric patterns and outside-the-box color choices that are reminiscent of the ride’s famed artist, Mary Blair. While the ride focused memorably on human characters in different regional costumes, the artist does well here to take a different approach and instead mix architecture with the natural world. There’s a lot of variety in the creatures included, from mammals to fish to birds and even insects, and all the continents are accounted for. Architecture shows similar levels of inclusion, and I’m especially fond of the way a simple, ordinary house sits right at the center of all the action. It feels like a reminder that no matter how used to your area you may be, wonders lurk just around the corner.

Threadless Artist Shops are free to create, and allow artists to set their own prices on products ranging from apparel to accessories and even home decor.

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