15 May 2020 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot’s The Letter N derby voting highlights

Shirt.Woot‘s The Letter N derby encompasses just about everything under the sun that starts with N, with the exception of pop culture references. Without popular staples like movies and logos out of bounds, narwhals, naps, and no were the sudden subject matter stars this week. Here’s a look at two current derby voting underdogs that I think could use some more attention…

I Care For Noodles by krisren28 uses an Asian-style red sun as its lead character, cradling some artfully arranged ramen. I like the way the curls of noodles start to read as a pattern.

No Problem by jimmytan makes an octopus an eclectic multitasker, cooking and doing chores as he listens to music and surfs the web. The limited color palette helps the pink creature feel like the most important element of a busy scene.

This derby continues through Monday at 8pm. The top three designs (determined by votes and editor input) will earn $1000 cash and $2 per item sold. Additionally, other designs may be selected for future plus sales and sold for $2 per item each.

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