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Threadless: Hawkins and more new this week

Hawkins by Douglas Evangelista (douglasstencil) is my favorite Threadless print this week. It’s a gorgeous design with its colorfully striped sunset sky and collection of lush, silhouetted trees. The kind of piece that is sufficiently good-looking as to appeal to even those who aren’t in the pop culture loop. Not that it’s likely to be a problem, given the immense popularity of Stranger Things. And I think this piece does capture some fundamental elements of the series, from the retro 80s setting to the element of nature and even a sense that those kids on bikes, though united in their friendship, are up against some tall odds in this big, wild world. While I think the design could be improved a bit with more reference to the monsters and the upside-down, it’s an excellent piece as-is.

Broken by Benji (Benjidojo) is certainly relatable. The egg’s posture and facial expression scream with disappointed apathy, perfectly capturing the feeling of a dramatic failure. His arms and legs splay like he’s making a snow angel, completely resigned to his new position on the floor and doing nothing to get back up. The shell is cracked into such small pieces, it does seem like it would be impossible to put back together. Well-made, and I like the way the brighter yellow of the yolk stands out on the yellow shirt.

Match Made in Hell by Cody Weiler (csweiler) gives a matchbook new context by placing a message and images of hell on the cover. It’s a clever twist, transforming an everyday item into something unusual and dangerous. There’s something energizing about the idea of holding in your hands something so powerful, especially since small flames are so common (candles, lighters, etc) that they’ve lost their mystique. This shirt is a reminder that even the smallest match has the potential to have a massive effect.

Catatonic by sebastian (sebasebi) is a design I previously enjoyed seeing in a Shirt.Woot derby, and I’m glad to see it printed here. The cat skull is a great focal point, with sharp fangs, surprised eyes, and a heart-shaped nose. But what makes this piece really special is the swirling of the snake. Its ribboning and coils are suggestive of the actual movement of the creature, with just enough scale texture hinted at to make it come alive. The flick of the tongue is a nice touch, kind of a loose, floppy counterpoint to the snake’s precision. All-in-all, a fun design that makes the most of both one ink color and street art style.

Comfort With Friend by Flostitanarum (Flostitanarum) has a dreamy ambiance, with unusual color choices and an arrangement of elements that makes more sense emotionally than literally. I mean, who wouldn’t want to bury their face in the fur of a tiger? This particular animal, with its chunky proportions, feels more like a pampered house cat than a wild predator. Even his green coloring feels mellow, with long, loose stripes that could be mistaken for stretch marks. Meanwhile, the human figure barely even looks conscious- their entire face is a blur that fades into distant stars and constellations. Is this what it would feel like to become one with the wild?

Threadless prints new shirts every week, chosen from the designs submitted by and voted on by site members. Most winners earn $1 to $7 per item sold.

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