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Threadless: Afloat and more new this week

Afloat by Coffee Man (Coffee_man) is my favorite Threadless print this week. I love how well it channels the feeling of being refreshed. Bright turquoise water more perfect than any real pool forms the focus, with its shape suggesting a popsicle. The woodgrain of the popsicle stick also reminds one of a diving board, straddling the line between snack and water feature perfectly. Meanwhile, the swimmer floats in a restful, lazy way, legs casually dipping below the waterline as her shadow shimmers and ebbs in careful waves below. It’s the ideal summer scenario!

Another Day by Pepe Rodriguez (ppmid) reminds me of the famous line from Game of Thrones, “What do we say to the god of death? Not today.” Except in this case, it seems as though death himself is also feeling like a little procrastinating! Slumped on the ground like that, bones barely hanging together and scythe just out of reach, the grim reaper could not look more lazy. Defeated, even. I like the positioning of death as being inactive and still, implying that the antidote would be to live a more active life.

I’m Blue by Hayley (HAPdoods) has the kind of pure creativity and illustrative flair I love to see, and that remains relatively rare in the t-shirt world (which always leans towards the most commercially viable styles and subject matter). A unique feature of the piece is that it uses a very geometric structure to contrast with the chaos of the doodles, with a wall of blue-tinged faces forming a tight square around their more freeform brethren. It’s an idea that makes a lot of sense, but for me the shape of the artwork leads my eyes ending up in the same place (the cat doodle with V eyes towards the center of the art) more often than not, while I feel a more loose shape to the design would lead viewers to really drink in all the detail and examine all that each individual element has to offer.

Duck You by EzraSketches (KidEzzy) turns a duck into the middle finger hand gesture. It’s a surprisingly good fit in terms of structure, and also has the added joke of “flipping the bird.” The most fun aspect of the design for me, though, is the sheer awkwardness of the duck. His cheeks puff out, his legs poke at an odd angle, and even his eyes are distinctly uneven. The silliness of the image makes the phrase, which otherwise might seem a bit aggressive, lighthearted and fun. Good stuff!

Paranoia by Mathiole (mathiole) is immediately unsettling. Letters careen towards the viewer at awkward angles, and there’s an overall sense of being overwhelmed. That’s a perfect way of expressing paranoia, especially because of the way the artwork hides its protagonist in the center of the chaotic mass. Collaged eyes pepper the piece, hands reach around corners, and when faces are shown, they’re always at least partially obscured. When you look at this design, you can’t help but feel as though something is looking back- maybe even actively seeking you out. Very creepy, but in an interesting, artistic way.

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