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Threadless: Mood and more new this week

mood by Trabu (Trabu) is my favorite Threadless print this week. This is simplicity done truly well, with each element pared down as minimally as it can be while still telling a story. From the limpness of the tail to the lazy droop of each leg, there’s a strong narrative of sloth happening here. But in contrast to the lifelessness of the body, the cat’s eyes are alert and suspicious. This is a cat with a plan, and having accomplished his goal of resting atop the red ball, he’s scoping out his next move. There’s something funny, and pretty relatable, about the fact that he seems to have worked so hard to create such an uncomfortable and precarious situation for himself.

Let’s Run Away by Petr Stepanov (Steppeua) capitalizes on the strange structure of cacti to turn its upturned arms into a panicked flail of limbs. Red tufts at the end of each structure emphasize the chaos, while roots burst from their pot in a moment of pure comedy. To catapult the scenario into pure absurdity, little red sneakers are there to complete the look. The scrawled slogan isn’t centered under the image, instead it looks like an obstacle the cactus has hurdled over. Pure comedy!

Hot Coffee by Florent Bodart (speakerine) takes vintage style to a new level by imitating not ephemera from the recent past, but instead the ornate, highly stylized look of medieval religious art. This angel, with his white and gold tones, wouldn’t look out of place on a castle’s tapestry or a cathedral’s stained glass window. But once you read the message on the banner, the art is marked as something much more modern- an ode to coffee rather than the heavens. The artist chooses their wording carefully, and by phrasing it “But first coffee,” is able to imply that even the spirits need coffee’s fuel to undertake their larger than life tasks. Very slick.

Time to Explore by Enkel Dika (buko) is a great take on the hourglass timer, using the familiar shape of falling sand to stand in for the propulsion of a rocket. The visual impact of that change is immediate- something we’re used to seeing go down now suddenly goes up! Even better, the negative space around that trail of the spaceship is black as space itself and packed with stars, planets, and even distant solar systems. A suited astronaut stands in the rocket’s wake and poses as though he’s parting stage curtains, beckoning you in to the universe beyond. The simple message inscribed on the rims of “Time to Explore” completes the theme perfectly, raising the idea that there’s much more to see than time to do it, and also that how you spend your time matters.

Desert Rider by Khairul Anam (khairulanam87) captures the southwest landscape with stunning realism, each craggy rock rendered with an equal amount of care and grit. Towering clouds dominate the sky and emphasize the height of each element in the scene, all of which dwarf the horse and his rider. Tucked between a massive cactus and the dramatic rocky plateau, it’s easy to miss the horseback rider unless you’re looking for him. While the rest of the image is bathed in sunlight, the rider is drenched in shadow- about to enter the wilderness, but not yet truly a part of it. The landscape remains the star, humanity is an afterthought.

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