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Threadless: Au Revoir and more new this week

Au Revoir by Norman Duenas (fhigi25) is my favorite Threadless print this week. The clock element comes through the most clearly for me first, with the butterfly bursting through its flowery borders as if to dramatically underline how swiftly time flies. But right after that, the compass elements and galleon gain ground. Now it’s not just time passing, but also space- the story is that of a long journey and trying to find your way as your surroundings grow and change. The concept is strong, and the detail of the illustration (especially the balanced line of the anchor and skull) helps make it a piece that gives you a lot of moments to discover and enjoy.

Nah. by Rodrigo Leonardo Batista Ferreira (rodrigobhz) takes a classic prank from the show The Office and takes it to the next level. Instead of a stapler in a jello mold, somehow Jim has squeezed an entire cubicle in there. It’s an enticing idea, because it’s both the most epic prank of all time and also a pretty great excuse for not getting anything done. You can imagine the gooey, bouncy feeling of reaching in to reclaim your chair. Plus, the likeness of the Jim character captured by this cartoon is dead-on, perfectly exaggerating his floppy hair, loose posture, and distinctive nose. Fans of the show are going to dig this one.

Summer Vibes by Pepe Rodriguez (ppmid) is a cute bit of cartooning, creating a very unique skeleton character. I like how completely joyful and cheery this guy is, right down to his retro sailor cap and blushing cheeks. The ice cream is happy as well, smirking and winking in reaction to the skeleton’s licks, and seemingly uncaring about his imminent demise. The combination of characters, one already dead and one currently being consumed, points towards a theme of enjoying yourself even if death is just around the corner. And if your skeleton still gets to eat ice cream, maybe the afterworld is pretty great!

Beware the Comment Section by Daniel Stevens (dnice25) won Threadless’s Fear design contest, and it’s easy to see why- public comments are modern horror of every day life, something people of all demographics universally find shocking and uncomfortable (though sometimes for very different reasons). Even better, the artist uses lettering that looks like it’s right out of a slasher movie, a bright burst of scrawled red words that drip like they’re written in blood. The horror ambiance is strong, and the sentiment is bound to strike a chord with most. Solid work.

R(AMEN) by kooky love (kooky love) has fun with puns, creating the familiar praying hands graphic out of ramen noodles. It’s cleverly done, with bold red bowls standing in as cuffs of a sleeve and chopsticks clutched between the hands to further the likeness and make the concept crystal clear. The intricate coils of the noodles are used to call out the hand’s fingers and even nails for a surprising level of detail, while ramen staples like spring onions, egg, shrimp and meat add interest and movement. I like that even the water splashing from each bowl is used as an opportunity to add to the story, directly referencing the shapes of the waves from the famous Great Wave Off Kanagawa.

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