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Shirt.Woot’s New Christmas Stuff: Gift sacks, tree skirts and aprons

Shirt.Woot ushered in the Christmas season with some holiday products the site has never offered before: gift sacks, tree skirts, and all-over print aprons. This was great news for participating artists since these unusual product types are a rare opportunity and have unique sizes and proportions to tackle, but it’s also very cool for customers since holiday gear tends to be quite traditional, making these designs that approach the holidays with geeky humor stand out from the norm.

Best of the Gift Sacks: “Sack of Crap” Large Gift Sack by Fishbiscuit5 is my favorite because it’s so perfectly suited to the Woot audience. The art and slogan directly reference the site’s famous Bag of Crap tradition (in which random mystery items are sent to buyers at a low price, with some receiving useful items while others get broken or useless ones). But even those who have never nabbed a BOC can appreciate the low key, playful sarcasm of calling the gifts you hand out enjoyable crap.

Also of note: My design “Reading Reindeer” Large Gift Sack makes Rudolph not just Red, but Well-Read with a pattern of books and pairs of reindeer sharing a read. This would be an especially good choice for those gifting a lot of books this year, or looking for a festive way to store holiday reading material.

Best of the Tree Skirts: “Catmas” Tree Skirt by DoOomcat circles the tree with a whole bunch of cats enjoying holiday decorations in different ways, whether they’re stealing a candy cane or sneaking into a present. It’s a great concept because it plays into the habit cats have of climbing Christmas trees- if they’re going to be in there creating chaos anyway, you may as well celebrate it!

Also of note: “The Nice List” Tree Skirt by DoodleToots has a lovely sentiment, and hand-drawn text that feels warm and retro, like a Christmas card on your grandparents’ mantle. I really like the way the art curves around the tree on a scroll.

Best of the Aprons: My design “Gingerdead” Apron makes some cookies into zombies, for an all-over print that mixes holiday cheer with pure cookie carnage.

Also of note: My design “Merry Drinkmas” Apron and its companion piece “Merry Feastmas” Apron are for folks who know that the best part of the holidays is all the food. Rows of beer, wine, meats, and desserts are translated into stitched sweater style for extra winter coziness.

The Complete Set: “Merry Christmas” by Simic is the only design to be offered on all three product types, offering a unique opportunity to match all your holiday gear. I like how the art evolves to fit each format, curving around the tree for the skirt and squeezing in a snowman in the extra space of the apron.

This promotion will only last until 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday. So if there’s something you like, grab it fast!

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