13 February 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Recent releases at Scribtee

There are so many contest sites these days that sometimes it’s easy to overlook some of the smaller sites. And it’s too bad, because they’re often putting out some really nice work- albeit sometimes at odd intervals, making them difficult to follow.

This is certainly the case with Scribtee, which has been releasing some pretty amazing artwork since I last posted about them. Nature is My Mother by Lars Wunderlich immediately caught my eye, as it’s a great design that has made the rounds at other sites and somehow remained unprinted. But those other sites’ loss is Scribtee’s gain, because the design has a smooth flow, a cool organic feel, and looks pretty spectacular when worn. Another stand-out is Wake Up! by Attila Szamosi, a sweet mix of character design and text work. It’s really a masterful piece, the kind of design you’ll want to keep looking at because there’s just so much to appreciate. Multiple type styles, amazing coloring, and even a hint of an environment peeking out from the background. This is impressive stuff, all the more so because it feels so fun and effortless.

Winners at Scribtee earn $500.

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