08 November 2019 ~ 0 Comments

RedBubble’s Borderlands Fan Art competition winners

Redbubble’s Borderlands Fan Art competition winners have been announced, and for my money the first place winner 1920s Tattoo Style Borderlands 3 Squad by KittyMuffinzz is the best of the bunch. I love this approach to fan art, where the artist reinterprets familiar faces in a style that is new, but compliments the themes of the original property. Traditional tattoo art feels like a natural fit for the rough-and-tumble, high voltage action adventure of Borderlands. The illustrations are well made, capturing the character’s likeness and creating a kind of cool, alternate world for them to exist in. It’s solid work, functioning nicely both as a grouping of four characters and as four separate designs.

Learn more about the Borderlands Fan Art competition winners in the RedBubble blog.

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