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Threadless: Anatomy and more new this week

Anatomy by Teo Zirinis (TeoZ) is my favorite Threadless design this week. It’s a great gag, explaining the popsicle stick as the sole bone of this food’s body. And even better, the simplicity of that form is reflected in the minimal approach taken to everything else in the piece- shapes are simple but effective and the environment is omitted in favor of focusing on the joke. I love the studious look of the explaining popsicle, posed like a teacher as he shows off his poster. But despite the simplicity, there’s detail where it matters- a faint highlight on the popsicle, the subtle woodgrain of the stick, and even a bit of distressing on the poster. Very skillfully done.

Socially Awkward Club by Saimen (saimen) has some great angles in the art. I love the way it uses the strong diagonal of the blinds to tilt the angles of the lettering surrounding it. It feels a bit noir to see a face peering between blinds on a dark palette like this, and that sense of unease is enhanced by the face being a skull. The angles used also contribute to a feeling of unsteadiness, that something dramatic or terrible might happen. The problem I see with the concept, though, is that I have trouble figuring out what the audience is. It would be odd for a socially non-awkward person to wear it, but surely someone actually socially awkward wouldn’t want the attention?

Dark Summer by kooky love & khairulanam87 (kookylove) might look like an ordinary beach scene at first glance, but it hides a terrible secret. While you might assume the smiling child in the center is just buried in the sand, there’s a gaping neck wound on the body next to him that makes things clear- he’s been beheaded! Suddenly the whole scene looks different- those other children aren’t just playfully building sand castles, they’re covering up a grisly crime. The wholesome Norman Rockwell look of the piece is so jarring with the concept that it helps sell the humor, though I think the text is a little too obvious. For my tastes, something like “Summer Fun” or “Summer of ’53” would give the art context without spoiling the joke for those who hadn’t found it yet.

Chico’s Journey by Pedro Josue Carvajal Ramirez (MadKobra) impresses instantly with its bold color palette of oranges, blues, and purples. Fish of all types coast past each other in a crowded sea… or do they? If you take a closer look at the creature with a striped shell, you’ll see a series of white strings. Follow the strings to their destination for a hot air balloon-style basket, complete with a friendly passenger. So are we deep underwater or are these strange animals high in the air? The ambiguity is part of what makes it fun, as is the surreal feeling of the tiny person surrounded by so many big fish. And of course, the artistry of the design can’t be undersold- it’s absolutely gorgeous, and its color sense is impeccable.

Velocirapper by Daniel Stevens (dnice25) is a fun bit of cartooning that centers on a dinosaur pun. I like that this doodle goes beyond the wordplay to think about what hip hop fashions a dinosaur might prefer, making his gaudy gold necklace feature a claw that matches the claws on his shoes. The minimal color palette is a master stroke because it lets the gold ink stand out against the black and white of the rest, a choice that lets the dino’s teeth read as a fancy gold grill and giving his hat and jewelry a more expensive feel. It’s good stuff, and really fun.

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