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Threadless’s Catmetal and more new this week

Catmetal by Jackson Duarte (JackDuarte) is my favorite Threadless design this week. With photo-realistic precision, the artist replaced the head of a metal guitarist in the middle of an energetic riff with that of a dramatic kitten, head thrown back as though he’s about to let loose with a wild howl. He’s been gifted a crest of rocker-style hair but apart from that he’s very much a real cat, which means this is a face you look at and recognize aspects of cats you’ve personally known- especially if those cats were loud yowlers. There’s a natural fit between the strange noises cats make and the in-your-face aggression of this type of music, which makes the combination even sweeter.

Rebirth by Pedro Josue Carvajal Ramirez (MadKobra) treads familiar territory with its crow, nest, and skull, but does it with a style so unique to the subject matter that it still feels quite fresh. The skull is appropriately creepy and draws the eye first, setting the scene’s macabre atmosphere, but the bird’s huge eye is a close second. The unsettling size of that eye gives the crow a cartoony quality, but also brings the viewer in closer to see the strange, thickly-lined pattern decorating its feathers. A twist on that pattern also covers the eggs, leaving them looking simultaneously ancient and alien. Red tones creep in and highlight the piece throughout, adding a final sinister edge.

As Long as We Have Our Imagination! by Pigboom Kaboom (pigboom2014) makes a 20-sided dice a cartoon hero. His humble grin and tiny limbs might seem safe and gentle, but the bones and colorful corpses (some stabbed through with weaponry) tell a more brutal story. I feel like that’s a sentiment very true to RPGing, where anyone can pretend to be anything and even the smallest player could be the mightiest warrior. The text, a thick retro font with a rainbow background, cheers things up further by focusing on the joy of the achievement, in a style that wouldn’t look out of place in an 80s sticker pack. Good stuff.

Horror Stories by Aaron Jay (randyotter3000) takes on scary stories told around the campfire and applies it to a pair of apples. This is a fun concept because apples are so wholesome, and something that could naturally be in the forest. So their fear seems very cute and silly… until you consider the actual horror of the scenario, where a creature wants to burrow under your skin and eat your flesh. That’s basically zombies! The adorable look of the art keeps things feeling very sweet, though, with strong geometric curves and uniform lines. The trees in the background inject just enough realism to make the apple’s fears appear legitimate.

The Musical Fox by 38Sunsets (38Sunsets) is destined to be a crowdpleaser. The fox is exquisitely drawn, detail captured to the point where every single hair is called out, wisps flying from his form to emphasize emotion. And his expression is a perfectly joyful grin, eyes held shut as a huge smile plays out across his face. Despite the fur, I almost feel like I can see his cheeks blushing warmly. It’s a heightened kind of realism where surely no real fox has emotions this human, and maybe in nature his fur wouldn’t be so strikingly bright, but it feels authentic because you want it to be real. The addition of the headphones only adds to the art’s appeal by giving him more human qualities, and forging a connection between the subject and the viewer. After all, everyone likes music!

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