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Threadless: AWWS and more new this week

AWWS by Michael Buxton (DinoMike) is my favorite Threadless print this week. It delivers on its title in a big way by packing in cuteness with huge eyes, blushing cheeks and big smiles on both the shark and soon-t0-be-eaten swimmer. The shark’s teeth have even been made extra-tiny, almost like baby teeth, in a way that emphasizes the grin and underplays the carnage he might cause. There’s something quite nice about the way the negative space between the WWs creates a triangle, drawing more attention to the swimmer and mirroring the shape of the shark’s pointed head. A perfect design for a day at the beach, though it’s a bit too bad that it’s been printed just after summer ended.

Owls and Wizardry by Vincent Trinidad (vptrinidad) keeps the spirit of Harry Potter alive with some well-illustrated symmetry. Incorporating so many references to locations, events, and symbols from the series makes the design a real treat for fans, and the kind of piece that reveals a new secret every time you look at it. I especially love the emphasis put on the owl’s eyes, which stand out due to their pop of yellow color and the way the triangle below points in their direction. Those eyes make the owl have a wise, somewhat protective feel, especially when paired with Harry’s round glasses. Good stuff.

Big Foot, Big Heart by Hana Berggren (hanaberggren) won Threadless’s Cryptozoology contest, and it’s a fun pick. I love how unique this take on Bigfoot feels, walking so awkwardly with his thin, swinging arms, sassy posture and bright, thickly-lashed eyes. Instead of feeling like a very hairy human or a large ape, there’s something delightfully alien about this take. The background of roughly sketched trees is another highlight, and my favorite bit is the way the thin branches of the pine tree in front of a large green circle mimic the look of a leaf’s veins.

Kindness is not Weakness by Katie Campbell (campkatie) is a simple but very well-done slogan piece. The font choice is excellent, but what really makes the design sing is the attention to detail. There are some lovely interactions between the letters, like the way Kindness’s second N nests its descender above the O and T of Not, the careful overlap of the W, and the way the pairs of SS alternately rise or fall from the baseline to reflect their position in the phrase. Very appealing, and a sentiment the world could use more of.

Bat Country by Caveman_dg (Caveman_dg) takes its inspiration from Hunter S. Thompson. While the image of a face being ripped off a skull is probably too gross for some, especially due to the realism of the author’s face, fans of his writing will probably appreciate the boundary pushing and implied drug use. It’s not my cup of tea personally, but I do really enjoy the loose, aggressive feel of the type being used. It feels very rock and roll, scrawled, and eccentric.

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