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Threadless: Tropical Dragon and more new this week

Tropical Dragon by littleclyde (littleclyde) is my favorite Threadless print this week. The jewel-toned color palette is what first caught my eye, making the dragon appear even more fiery by surrounding it with emerald leaves. It’s not lost on the viewer that these plants and blossoms could be so much kindling if the dragon chose it, and the fact that he remains ensconced in such a lush landscape speaks to his ultimately peaceful and mysterious nature. Why guard treasure and kill knights when you can explore the jungle? The dragon’s pose reminds me of a medieval book illustration, reaching out like a heraldic symbol. This is a creature of great poise, not just a reptile reclining in the trees.

The Power of Reading by Wawawiwa (Wawawiwa) takes some familiar subject matter and translates it in a fresh, new way. Apples and knowledge have a longstanding connection, from teaching to the garden of Eden and beyond. But this image of the apple’s stem becoming a tree of knowledge as he learns is a unique take, and illustrated in such a sweet way that it has broad appeal. The only criticism I have is that it’s not clear to me that the design needs four panels to work- I think two scenes (the first and last) would establish the same concept with less wasted space.

Blood Diamonds by v_calahan (v_calahan) mixes collage and doodle to form a unique composition. The main figure is imposing, surprisingly tall as he perches with his cane on top of the wagon. With his formal top hat, skull face, and pipe, he reads as decadent but also dangerous, uncaring of the strife his actions cause. Pulling the wagon, in contrast, is a very ordinary man. He’s bent over under the pressure of his efforts, struggling to manage a wagon that, set at an angle, seems poised to tip over at any moment. The anti-oligarchy message reads very clearly, and the colorful nature of the doodles (even though some represent drops of blood) keeps things feeling fun and light.

Get Your Shit Together by Daniel Stevens (dnice25) takes kind of a harsh phrase and turns it into a kind sentiment. Normally this saying can be very negative, a command to shape up while at the same time minimizing and insulting a person’s issues. But by reframing the concept around two piles of crap embracing each other, it all becomes quite sweet. It’s an image of affection, with a theme of togetherness. Flowers and hand-written text complete the look. Everything is so cute, you could almost forget it’s about poop.

Let Me Warm You Up by Tri Agus Nuradhim (triagus) keeps things very warm and cute. I see it as taking the phrase “the warm embrace of the sun” literally, but it could also just be about the concept of enjoying the sun in general. A loose, doodled style that leaves the sun not quite round and gives the sun a crooked smile helps the piece to feel friendly and informal, like a hello from a pal. It’s simple, but solid work about a moment most people can relate to, and the soft texturing extends a sense of timelessness to the art.

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