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Threadless: The Kiss of Death and more new this week

The Kiss of Death by Vincent Trinidad (vptrinidad021) is my favorite Threadless print this week. A parody of Klimt’s The Kiss, it trades the colorful, gold-tinged palette of the original for pure black and white, as befits its goth influence. The faces, soft and relaxed in Klimt’s version, become hard bone with rows of teeth meeting. And yet despite these differences, the romance of the original is still present here, speaking to something eternal rather than the painting’s more fleeting moment. This version also has a neat take on the pattern, hiding a stylized skull among the abstract shapes of the fabric. It feels classic and really wearable, a worthy successor to a great piece of art.

Ra-Men by Rodrigo Leonardo Bautista Ferreira (rodrigobhz) makes a bowl of noodles into an 80s cartoon warrior, through clever use of the He-Man font. I think what works best about this is that while the logo is a close replica of the real thing, the ramen illustration makes no such attempt to mimic He-Man’s imposing musculature. Instead, the ramen sports noodle-y stick figure limbs, and while he’s wielding a weapon and a fierce expression, the main event is the ingredients in his bowl rather than his athleticism. This guy is strong in flavor, not in brute strength.

Balance by Mathiole (mathiole) takes its inspiration from the early days of bicycles to create an art nouveau look. Since the art style and bikes are of the same era, it’s a combination that inherently feels right. And since bicycles are a fairly universal theme (most people have ridden them at some point in childhood, even if they’re not current riders), anyone who finds this sort of look beautiful will think this one hard to resist. I find the pattern of the ground, which resembles a cobblestone path, to be especially attractive, although there’s a lot to enjoy from the expressive curls of the banner to the soft color gradients of the skin.

Liar Liar… by v_calahan (v_calahan) uses a retro heritage look to convey its message of Trump as a liar. While the message is childish in a way that doesn’t typically work well in political commentary, it works here because it spotlights the immaturity of its protagonist. Color is used effectively to focus attention on the bright red flame with the rest of the piece kept neutral. The Trump caricature is well-done, though I think an opportunity may have been missed to use similar shapes in the hair and the fire.

Booty Call by louisroskosch (louisroskosch) takes the phrase literally, and it’s pretty hilarious. I like that, contrary to the more spicy contents the phrase implies, everything about this design is pleasant and friendly. Polite, even, if your definition of politeness is open to including a cartoon butt. The rear sports a wide grin, cradles the phone gently, and answers the call with professionalism and helpfulness that would suit a corporate receptionist. Very silly, but also a lot of fun.

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