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Threadless’s Family Fun and more new this week

Family Fun by Gabriele Crotti (thecoolorange) won Threadless’s Vintage Vacation challenge, and it’s also my favorite print this week. It captures a classic 70s or 80s road trip well, with the familiar wood-paneled station wagon and luggage stacked on top. The background elements hint at an outdoorsy adventure, and the font choices echo the cozy but old-fashioned spirit set by the artwork. I love the choice of using just two ink colors in this design. The green ink and half-toning feel appropriately retro, and the bright orange draws your eye immediately to the disastrous fire. So good!

Herbivores in Carnivores by Cheok Siew Yen (BubuSam) is one heck of an all-over print, a crowd scene of animals that has them all facing the same way with a snack in hand like the audience in a huge stadium. But the twist is that what they’re eating can vary wildly- while most are chomping on huge slabs of meat, there are also vegetable-eaters scattered throughout snacking on things like bananas, trees, and even grass. This is a pretty funny predicament for the vegetarians, stranded as they are in a field of things that would find them delicious, but what makes it even funnier is that no one seems to notice. Every creature is perfectly content, no one is worries, and despite the commonness of their expressions, the wide variety of animals represented (and some color shifts within species) keep it feeling like every animal is unique.

Crazy Ants by Daniel Stevens (dnice25) is another great all-over pattern, though in a baffling move the t-shirt version only shows a small excerpt instead of the whole repeating scene. While the excerpt is still fun (the idea of ants doing all these zany things is pretty great), it loses the impact of the larger design, which creates the impression of a vast area of partying ants swarming to all kinds of pastimes and hobbies. There’s something special about the overwhelmingness of it, of seeing something exciting everywhere you look. Like the whole insect world is having an epic beach party. That said, with its sophisticated palette of black and yellow and action-packed cartooning, even the more limited t-shirt version manages to be a lot of fun.

Cute As Hell by Michael Buxton (DinoMike) is, as the title states, devilishly cute. Choosing the goat form was a brilliant move because animals are inherently so appealing, and very easy to ramp up the cuteness on. Making the goat’s eyes so massive definitely makes it adorable, but the size of the pupils also feels a bit sinister, like he’s hypnotizing the viewer. And is his little grin sweet, or deceptively lulling you in to a false sense of security? There’s a great spirit of playful danger, especially with the flame that dances between his horns. The font choice is smart as well, with clunky serifs that are reminiscent of hooves.

I Feel a Song Coming On by Airic (nuach) has a novel way of representing drunkenness, drawing the same elements on top of each other multiple times to represent unsteadiness and blurred vision. It’s an effective technique, and showing the very small amount of liquid still in the bottle is a good way of establishing that a lot of drinking has gone on. For me, the design brought to mind the song 99 bottles of beer on the wall because of the repetition, but could easily also indicate some karaoke or even a campfire sing-a-long.

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