05 July 2019 ~ 0 Comments

RedBubble’s Billions contest winners

RedBubble’s Billions contest winners have been announced, with winning selections made by a panel of judges from Showtime and RedBubble. All three are well-crafted, with 1st place incorporating names of many major characters and 2nd place putting a typographic spin on one of the series’s catchphrases. But while first and second adhere so closely to already existing official Billions marketing material, 3rd place caught my eye with how much it stands out and offers something new. In a style common to pop culture t-shirts (but not seen previously in Showtime’s marketing), it uses a portrait of Billions’s most iconic character, Bobby Axelrod, to hold text in a variety of fonts that calls out themes and phrases from the TV show. To me, this is how officially sanctioned fan art is best used- to bring something new and different to a property that the marketing department couldn’t or wouldn’t have tackled.

Learn more about the Billions Face-Off winners in the RedBubble blog.

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