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Threadless: Just a Weird Scene #32 and more new this week

Just a Weird Scene #32 by RL76 is my favorite Threadless print this week. It’s a quirky piece that feels surreal in how it replaces the hotdog with the dog’s snout. The light in the dog’s eyes is intriguing- is he hungry for the hotdog he thinks he sees, or is he a clever pup poised to prank an unsuspecting human? Either way, it’s a funny concept and that flash of bright yellow mustard brings your eyes to the punchline right away. The art’s minimal, cartoony style is a great fit for the gag.

Don’t Camouflage Your Love by Jeremy Owen (L-M-N-O-P) is one of Threadless’s most unique pieces, a massively colorful and layered all-over pattern of a variety of people of all shapes and sizes embracing each other. The palette doesn’t stick to typical skin tones, with shades of green and yellow ensuring that color is symbolic rather than realistic. To me, it feels like it has the energy of an abstract drip painting from a distance, but with the added value of having a deeper message and a narrative when seen up close. For some reason this design isn’t currently available as an all-over print shirt, which is too bad because I think the sheer amount of figures involved is part of the art’s power. A smaller print, showing a selection of figures, is in the catalog, though, and while it’s less impactful (and loses something in the lack of light green ink) the more subtle look might be more wearable for many.

Dinosaurs by Tishya Oedit (Tishya) is a lot more sophisticated than the average dinosaur shirt, the kind of thing that will appeal to adults as much (or even more) than it will to kids. The injection of purple and mustard into the green palette makes it feel fresh rather than strictly conforming to expectations of a prehistoric jungle, and the sheer amount of detail in these skeletal structures creates a lot of texture and interest. Footprints and a smattering of shells keep the eye moving through the pattern, which feels exciting and full of life.

Buddy Love by Alex Schulz (VYZOR) includes Japanese text that says Best Friends, and that’s definitely exactly what the illustration delivers with its fist-bumping Godzilla and King Kong. With so many of those movies being about solitary, massive creatures who wreak havoc where ever they go, it feels really heartwarming to see them each with a same-size pal and the opportunity to indulge in some friendly play fighting instead of the real deal. The one color, heavily distressed style is reminiscent of Japanese matchbook covers which suits the theme, but also helps the design to feel old, like this is a friendship that has been going on for a long time.

The Visitor by Pedro Josue Carvajal Ramirez (MadKobra) is delightfully strange. The first thing you notice is the visitor itself, a gooey mass of black that stands out against the otherwise bright palette. The skull is unmissable, but feels more alien and odd than threatening, maybe because its surrounded by planets and stars. He reaches forward, curiously and hesitantly, to meet the hand of the small figure on the landscape below. This figure appears human, but given the pink, purple, and teal landscape he inhabits, there’s no telling if he’s as human as you and I or about to sprout tentacles from his sleeves. It’s a fascinating story being set up here, and made even more epic by the way the artist slices through the terrain (and even the clouds!) to put the spotlight on this one moment.

Threadless prints new shirts every week, chosen from the designs submitted by and voted on by site members. Most winners earn $1 to $7 per item sold.

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