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Threadless’s May the Bridges I Burn… and more new this week

May the bridges I burn… by KAndersonDesign (KAndersonDesign) is my favorite Threadless print this week. I always like to see a good one color print, and this definitely fits the bill with the way it uses detailed pattern next to solid chunks to simulate change in tone without adding additional inks. The text is treated well with a sophisticated look that makes the phrase’s anger seem glorious rather than vulgar, and the extra flair around the word BURN lets the viewer really relish its dramatics. Putting the whole thing on a box of matches, though, is the master stroke, because it makes the phrase so literal, and also grounds the text in a context that doesn’t require as much delicacy. Plus, seeing that the box already appears to be missing a few matches brings the slogan’s sentiment home.

Dogs are… by Skylar (the Sleeping Sky) stars the most sinister cat I have seen in my entire life. His narrowed eyes glow red. His whiskers droop like the mustache of a villain eager to tie you to some railroad tracks. His rough stripes start to look like the black and white stripes of a prison uniform. And even his posture is disconcerting, with his paws crossed in a very human way and a hard glare that seems far too confident for an animal. The rounded, retro text might be calling dogs bitches (and it is indeed technically true), but with a cat like this it’s hard not to kind of have sympathy for the pups. Against a cat like this, it’s definitely better to avoid conflict.

Love All by Norman Duenas (fhigi25) won Threadless’s Love is Love contest, and it’s an excellent choice. I love how it takes a classic symbol and manages to give it new meaning with the minimal but effective addition of small hands to the end of each colored arch of the rainbow. The rainbow then reads not just as diverse, but as a community that embraces each other, and finishing with a subtle heart at the bottom that clarifies the theme further. A watercolor look gives the colors a bit of soft texture, and increases the comforting, gentle feel of the design.

Miss Coral 1955 by Willem (Astrovix) genuinely surprised me when I saw the title and a close up view- from the catalog thumbnail image, I was expecting a Life Aquatic parody that gave an octopus Bill Murray’s familiar red hat. The reality, though, is that it’s inspired by a type of coral and an old-fashioned style of swimming cap. I’m not personally familiar with either of those things (old swim caps having patterns at all is news to me!), so it’s not a design that I feel any strong emotion or interest toward. For that reason, I’d say that the strongest element is the punch of blue eye shadow, which does a great job of establishing the era, and the way the animal’s pursed expression starts to communicate a somewhat persnickety personality. The might be a missed opportunity in the limbs in not showing any suction cups, since that could make the octopus feel more real.

The Pianist by Tri Agus Nuradhim (triagus) shows an absolutely massive bear sitting down at the piano. It’s funny any time you see a comparison between large and small, so just the sight of that little stool struggling under his bulk is good for a laugh. But it’s also additionally funny because of the delicacy of his task, something the artist emphasizes with the bear’s proportionally small hands and the very tiny music notes emanating from the instrument. I love the style the art is done in, which is almost silhouetted in the way it focuses on outline and lets a soft texture and a few supporting lines be all that breaks up the solid interiors. It keeps the focus on the details that are present, the face and piano playing, without sacrificing size on the rest.

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