10 May 2019 ~ 0 Comments

Design By Humans’s Raven (Limited Edition Mineral Wash)

Raven (Limited Edition Mineral Wash) by RAIDHO is something special for Design By Humans, a piece being printed in a special way and only sold for a limited time. As someone who first became a DBH fan in the early days because of their innovative use of unique printing techniques such as oversized prints, specialty inks, and even embroidery, it’s exciting to me to see this reflection of their roots, as I think this direction stands out even more now in a market full of digitally printed shirts and it bodes well for future limited editions. And as for this design in particular, it’s a strong choice. The traditional art style looks even more ancient when placed against the soft texture of the shirt’s fabric. I also appreciate the way the symbol of the bird’s footprint is repeated to become a framing element in the yellow border of the background.

This limited edition will be available for preorder until May 19th, 2019. The expected ship date is June 14th, 2019.

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