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Threadless: Weekday Cure and more new this week

Weekday Cure by Ian Byers (ibyes) is my favorite Threadless print this week. It’s a compact, content-rich piece that is able to very quickly communicate its concept, that the Cure character loves Fridays. The distinctive haircut and bright white skin make the drawing very identifiable so that even folks like me who have never listened to The Cure can get the reference. Another aspect I enjoy is how the type is handled, bubble letters that crowd together so they feel genuinely squeezed by the character’s embrace. Solid work.

The 3rd Book of Magic by dandingeroz (dandingeroz) is another entry in the artist’s series of Harry Potter-themed pieces, and accomplishes its goal well. The open book makes a great platform for the wildly gesturing wizard, with the energy of the splayed pages seeming to enhance the power and action of the spell casting. The spectral stag makes for a strong focal point, and its upward motion directs attention to even more interesting details such as the spooky human shape of the background, the animal in the hills, and the silhouette of Hogwarts in front of the moon.

Honk Honk by Fred Hoffman (Frederick_Jay) is a pop culture reference that almost snuck past me because I was so charmed by the detailed style of the geese. But a little googling helped me get to the bottom of it, because the phrase is a pun based on the “Beep Beep It’s the sound of the police” lyric by KRS-One. This is a mashup that feels quite right, getting at the obnoxiousness of geese and their propensity to be loud, pushy, and bullying. Even the pose of the geese enhances this, with one bird stretching its long neck just to get a little more in the other bird’s face.

T To-Do List by louisroskosch (louisroskosch) is an extremely well-crafted illustration- I’m in awe of how well it captures Mr. T’s look and even gives him a bit of a grumpy face, as though he’s frustrated by the list-making task. There’s a lot of detail in this, from T’s elaborate earrings to texture marks on his overalls. And of course, the too-small stool amplifies his grouchy look, making him seem like a child forced to do his homework. The list calls out three catchphrases, but I feel like they might be in the wrong order. In my opinion, the “don’t get on a plane” prompt is the least well-known (you’d have to have seen The A-Team to get it, while the others are part of Mr. T’s wider celebrity reputation), so 2 and 3 should be flipped to keep “pity fools,” his most strongly associated phrase, as the final punchline.

Cute Friends by Ilustrata (Ilustrata) is extremely adorable, and illustrates the munchies by showing a marijuana leaf highfiving a slice of pizza. Large text screams Friends Forever in type so bold and shadowed that it almost feels like the title block of a superhero comic. The safe, almost cartoon-like, feel of the art reflects the greater societal acceptance of the habit because it aims for such a general audience rather than signifying an outsider, rebel culture in its style, though I wonder if there are enough people willing to wear a design like this in a public setting to make it profitable, particularly since the cute look is likely to appeal to children.

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