09 March 2019 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby Changes and more

The big news at Shirt.Woot this week is that they’re making a crucial change in the derby– while previously voting was the only factor in choosing prints, effective 3/21/19 Woot will also be using editorial review to make their selections. This gives Woot editors the ability to institute some quality control and variety when needed, while also removing incentive for bad actors to maliciously affect vote totals.

This is an unusual week for the derby because Shirt.Woot has partnered with Do512 on a design contest, so the derby is empty while some voting happens for that on another site. Regrettably, since Do512 is an Austin-based initiative, this contest was not open to Woot artists.

That means this week’s Shirt.Woot competition is a Mini-Derby rather than the normal week-long affair. The theme is Classics Reimagined and the brief for artists is to recreate and improve on their best-selling shirts. This contest opens at noon on Monday the 11th, though participants should be aware that due to the shortened nature of the mini-derby only one $1000 daily print is available (rather than the usual three).

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