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Threadless: Nunchuck Nun and more new this week

Nunchuck Nun by Elan Harris (GloopZ) is my favorite Threadless print this week because it’s both fun and weirdly accurate. The premise has the right mix of low budget stunts and retro styling to make it feel like a shirt promoting a real pun-based action flick from the exploitation movie era. The faded, golden color palette and slight distressing feel just right for a thrift store gem. And of course, that specific nun and nunchuck wordplay is instantly appealing, the kind of so-weird-it-works visual that makes you imagine it in action.

Eyeballs and Teeth by Brian Allen (flylanddesigns) is, if I’m being honest, not really my cup of tea because it leans so heavy into gross-out imagery. But what it aims to accomplish, it does very well. The repeating pattern has a lot of variety in tooth type, eye angles, and general positioning, so the viewer is kept busy following swirling tongues from one element to the next. The blue background has a really unusual look, sort of hitting a strange midpoint between slime and matted fur that turns the whole shirt into a mutant creature. And of course, the color palette adds a lot as well because the blue and pink tones help convey a retro 80s vibe and with it a vintage Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail Kids, or skateboard art charm.

Retro Gaming Machine by Ilustrata (Ilustrata) first caught my eye because of the colors- maybe it can be chalked up to the prevalence of DTG printing and artist’s desire for their work to be printable on a large range of shirt colors, but it feels unusual and refreshing to see a piece so perfectly paired with a purple background. On that canvas, the pinks and teals really sing and create a world that feels more magical than the real one. That slightly surreal underpinning means that the other oddness in the design (like the pair of hill-like creatures on top of the machine and the clouds’ pixel rain) are accepted without thought, just a bit of enchanting local color. All this means that the vending machine reads as not just selling nostalgic gaming devices, but that each trinket could be your passport into this wondrous place.

Geometric Turtle by dandingeroz (dandingeroz) is an artistic piece that has a playful, summery feel. I like the way it combines styles, with the sea turtle transforming from sharp vectors to soft watercolors as it passes through the large triangle. The thin, tight lines within the triangle ebb and curve in a way that feels like the ocean, a perfect backdrop that gives the turtle more action and energy. There’s even a nice sense of balance with the golden sun counterweighted by the sunset tones of the triangles, both of which help the dark green of the turtle to pop by directing attention to the form between the yellows.

The Future That Cats Want by Hillary White (wytrab8) definitely captures that holier-than-thou cat personality that is so common to the species. I love how nonchalantly most of the cats take this turn of events, just watching passively while the orange kitten in the back is the only one to react with shock. Even the imperious grey cat, who is quick to claim the human’s back as a new climbing apparatus, isn’t really celebrating- it’s clear this is a scenario he believes is right and proper, something that ought to be ordinary. The human’s awkward pose heightens the humor, and the rainbow above both helps to set the magical tone of the piece while balancing out the top half of the design to sit on the shirt in a more wearable way. Really well done!

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