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Threadless’s A Trip Through Space and Time and more new this week

A Trip Through Space and Time by Tom (Thomas Orrow) is my favorite Threadless print this week. The colors immediately pull me in with their playful brightness, and the to astronaut characters help to establish a lovely retro quality that brings the concept together. The giant mushroom between the pair hints at psychedelic intent, and that is further supported in the strange and wondrous details scattered around the scene. My favorite is the tiny dinosaur, but the one-eyed pink creature is very charming in how he seems to wave at the viewer. It’s fun stuff, and made more so by the way it rewards your attention with moments like the realistic handwritten price tag tucked beneath the title, which helps the art to feel like a treasure you’ve unearthed at a garage sale.

Love Yourself by Dan Plunkett (Tubbylarusso) gets the Valentine’s Day season started with a design that seems quite sweet at a distance, a big looping heart in pastel pink. But of course, there’s a twist as you dive in for a closer look- the heart is an extremely long cat, and one who is licking itself in typical cat fashion. The Love Yourself caption brings the concept home. It’s solid work and nails that sweet but a bit sour feeling that so many good shirts aim for.

Van Life by Tatak Waskitho (skitchism) ought to appeal to travel enthusiasts. I think this is an unusual take on trailer camping in a couple of ways- one, because we see very little of the surroundings (no landscape or other vehicle) and secondly because the plant emerging from the window implies that the interior has just as much going on as the exterior. In fact, the scene feels to me like it implies the trailer to be overgrown and abandoned, a sign of a place humans once were rather than a place they currently vacation. Interesting stuff.

Dear Pizza by Rodrigo Leonardo Batista Ferreira (rodrigobhz) is another Valentine’s Day riff, but more specific to the holiday in a way that might call for seasonal wearing only. That said, I love the hand drawn look and the light distressing, which give the piece a nice vintage quality and make it feel like it might be a relic from the wearer’s school days of paper valentines. The wording is also well-chosen, particularly because it says “please.” I love the idea that pizza might say no!

Owl By Myself by Nicholas Ginty (Gintron) keeps things minimal with an owl made up of just a few bold lines. It’s a striking image with diagonal lines calling out the owl’s wings while curved ones indicate the iconic eyes and imply a beak. The pastel palette gives me the feeling of stained glass with light shining through bright colors outlined in dark lead. And of course the slogan is great as well, getting humor from a pun and relaying a theme that is very relatable, especially this time of year.

Threadless prints new shirts every week, chosen from the designs submitted by and voted on by site members. Most winners earn $1 minimum per item sold.

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