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Threadless’s Book of Fantasy and more new this week

Book of Fantasy by dandingeroz (dandingeroz) is my favorite Threadless print this week. I love how genuinely magical it feels, full of cool blue tones and sparkling stars. And of course, it’s chock-full of Harry Potter references as well, with his glasses and lightning scar, owl, stag and even Hogwarts itself standing proudly in the background. Having all of this emerge from the book is a great visual because it highlights the magical nature of reading, the way each reader creates all of these images in their imagination. Very skilled work.

Flame by daddy (warmtowelette) feels very metal. This skull is deformed with viscous spikes and hard shapes, surrounded by pitch black flames. Every piece of it feels dramatic and aggressive, poised to fight. For me the most interesting detail is the way the teeth are handled, each bent in half at an extreme angle that makes it feel like the sheer force of the skull’s scream bent these bones. I like that instead of resting on the stylistic norms of this kind of look, the artist pushed it forward with innovations like that.

Ha. by Rodrigo Leonardo Batista Ferreira (rodrigobhz) is simple but brilliantly so. I love how clearly this Ha communicates as sarcastic, with the capital H and period showing that the writer is calmly typing, not at all affected by the humor that has been attempted. This is a polite, formal rebuke- not a casual “haha,” or even a tepid “lol.” It’s a message most people have both sent and received, and there are certainly days when for most of us this kind of meh expression reflects our general mood, making the design highly relatable.

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