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Threadless: Unicorns! and more new this week

Unicorns! by Joel Robinson (obinsun) is my favorite Threadless print this week. I love how genuinely magical it feels, with moon and sun shining right next to each other while stars, clouds and rainbows give the environment an otherworldly aura. The mix of smooth, even lines and solid color remind me of a coloring book, a scene of safe adventure and curious characters just waiting to be customized. The selection of creatures is very well-chosen, from the likely (of course a narwhal would join the unicorn party) to the familiar (pets and people) and even the very strange (why can’t potted plants get in on the fun?). The end result is an infectiously amusing scene, with enough going on to keep it interesting no matter how many times you look.

Turn Back by idiosepius (idiosepius) is definitely unexpected, turning the lines of the back of a woman’s dress into a series of perches for birds (like power lines). While it’s a strange idea, it largely works because the off-white color scheme and simplified style. This look feels to me like it connects to early cinema, especially films like A Trip to the Moon that used simple special effects (like nearly invisible string making objects float, as the clouds in this piece seem to refer to) to create surreal masterpieces. I like the idea of this massive lady whose head is in the clouds, and of birds who fly so high they’re in reach of the stars. This is a design that feels dreamy and sophisticated all at once.

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