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New this week at Threadless

Triskaidekaphilia by James Murphy (sweet n sour) is my pick for best of the week. The clean look and bright colors are what caught my eye initially, but what won me over was the cheerful approach to hardcore tattoo imagery. It’s hilarious to see a skull with a hamster hat, and even funnier when you notice that the skull’s empty eye sockets are grinning back at you. This tee feels fresh and perfect for summer.

Music of the Night by Nichole Lillian Humphrey (ratkiss) impresses with loads of detailed lines. The level of detail makes this one color print feel rich with texture. The owl character is a real star, wings holding the violin gracefully and naturally as he stares off into the distance wistfully. To me, though, the owl is a bit let down by the background- the work on the clouds, moon and branch feels less professional than the rest. But even so, this is a pretty nice tee. The positioning of the print works especially well, leaning to the side in a way that encourages your eyes to really move around the piece.

A Unicorn for Boys by Denise Tadla (HorsefaceDee) is exactly what you’d think, a beast of a horse built for fighting instead of prancing. Its horn is a saber dripping with blood, and that strong mouth chomps on a cigar. He’s a badass packing a machine gun, and he might be a little crazy. The illustration is pretty tight, with a manic expression that reminds me of Ren & Stimpy cartoons. In fact, the only real flaw is in the shape of the art- to me, it doesn’t use the shirt particularly well, just kind of floating awkwardly in space with most of the weight at the bottom.

The Beach by Lim Heng Swee is a slick design, using the canvas of the shirt in a way I don’t think I’ve seen before. Most of the tee is filled with soft blue waves, a line of beach on the chest is packed with people, towels and umbrellas. Seeing the shirt as a bird’s eye view of the scene is pretty unique, really creating a sunny and peaceful ambiance. I also enjoy the contrast between the serene sameness of all that water and the busy, color-filled activity on the beach. This is some very cool, boundary-pushing work.

A Geek Legend by Donald Lim (Pakpandir) has the look of an epic movie poster, with the protagonist faced with several villains at once. The minotaur, cyclops and UFOs are daunting foes, but a lone nerd on a mechanical Pegasus still has the grit and determination to vanquish them and save the girl. An unlikely hero, maybe, but one that most geeks have at some point wished to be while flipping through comic books. It’s definitely impressive work, though I admit I find it hard to read at a glance- there might be too much going on and too much detail for it to truly work in one color on a tee, due to the angles and movement involved in looking at worn items.

Alien Assault by Johannes Krohn (Whiff Focker) uses a high-end pixelated style to look like the best SimCity expansion you’ve never played. Action is key, with giant robots and spaceships battling it out as the city burns. But there’s also some humor to be found in the lettering, with signs reading Don’t Panic, Jesus Saves and Hell. A lot to drink in, and the kind of colorful, complex work that only gets better the more you look.

Anatomy of Evil by Alvaro Arteaga is this week’s Select and a seriously impressive illustration. It tweaks the classic Grey’s Anatomy view of the head and throat with a creepier vibe, topped off by it’s representation of the brain as a twisted snake with it’s head firmly lodged in the figure’s mouth, fangs and all. The detail is very well done and it’s a rad concept, but the artwork does feel like a bit of an odd fit for the shirt- I’m not sure why it wasn’t placed in the lower corner to fade off the bottom hem.

I’m Sure Everyone Thinks I’m Paranoid by Stuart Colebrook is the rare TypeTee that I’d actually be pretty excited to wear. While the slogan is solid but somewhat unexceptional, the treatment really nails the appeal of it and raises the level of the concept tenfold. Crazed eyes peer out from behind all the letters, and the somewhat shaky, uneven look of the letters themselves adds to the feeling of unease. Perfectly done.

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  1. Jesse 21 January 2010 at 4:33 am Permalink

    great reviews. what about the haiti tee? that would deserve a mention?

  2. Admin 21 January 2010 at 3:20 pm Permalink

    I’m not crazy about the Haiti tee and I feel weird about giving a bad review to something that’s for charity, so I decided to just skip it. Not ideal, but the best solution I could think of 🙂

  3. Jesse 22 January 2010 at 1:19 am Permalink

    still woulda been nice to give it a mention so more can support it!

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