02 November 2018 ~ 0 Comments

Threadless: Rosé-Colored Lenses and more new this week

Rosé-Colored Lenses by Hillary White (wytrab8) won Threadless’s One Panel challenge, and it’s also my favorite design this week. I love the absurdity of it, by replacing the normal lenses not with liquid lenses, not even with wine glasses, but instead with a pair of full-size wine bottles, the art sets up an extremely surreal scene. Everything about the rosé implies not just drinking but very heavy drinking, as shown in the way two glasses are being filled so quickly they splash wine out of the glasses. This decadence is at odds with the tradition portrayed by the old-fashioned illustration style of the woman, and that helps it all to feel even funnier. It’s a very complete, appealing piece.

The Social Network Tarots by Jacopo Rosati (Jacopo) is dense with content, a collection of cards that each include image, title, and explanation. This is both good and bad. It’s great in that each viewer has a lot to look at, and each will probably find their own joke or detail that really speaks to them. But for me, the sheer fact that they’re so wordy detracts from the concept- when I think of tarot cards, it’s all about image, these iconic scenes with tiny labels but otherwise left to the reader’s interpretation. These feel less like a set of tarot cards than a series of comic panels. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and I expect a lot of heavy social media users will enjoy the way this comments on those sites (not caring nearly as much about the tarot inspiration), but for me it’s a bit of a letdown from what the concept promised.

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