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Threadless: Smile High Club and more new this week

Smile High Club by Katie Campbell (campkatie) is the winner of Threadless’s Smiles competition, and also my favorite print this week. I love the way it takes the iconic image of the smiley face and distorts it into something completely new. The result feels both familiar and a bit unsettling, but it conveys its message in a subtle but unmistakeable way. Between the smoke emanating from the smile and the trippy altering of the face’s contours, viewers get a strong implication of drug use in the skies. This is an interesting twist on the Mile High Club concept, and the execution is sophisticated enough to keep the idea from reading too cheap or vulgar.

Stay Fresh by Nicole Zaridze (nicolezaridze) is so weird I can’t help but like it. The baffling choice to make the character’s head a bag of bread is the kind of quirky element that immediately grabs attention, all the more so because this choice is reflected other places in the art. The shirt’s Stay Fresh slogan seems to refer to the bagged bread, and the feet seem like they might be encased in plastic as well (a bit like the way kids use plastic bags to keep their boots from leaking in the snow). But it’s the color choice that really sells the concept- by painting everything in a shade of sickly green, the bread (and the whole character, really) starts to look rather moldy. What is fresh, after all? Is it better to look fresh (as in stylish) than to actually be fresh (as in not stale)? Interesting stuff.

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