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Threadless’s Epic Story Line and more new this week

Epic Story Line by Rick Crane (ThePaperCrane) is my favorite design this week. I love the concept of taking a popular artistic style and applying it to pop culture, and this is a particularly strong pairing. The minimal line art style helps all the different regions to feel visually united, and the long horizontal lines lead the eye from one scene to the next. The result is that you take a visual journey not unlike the one the Lord of the Rings characters took, with each viewer having their own favorite little areas that they’d like to explore for real. It feels like a massive world, yet the simplicity of the lines used keep it sophisticated. Excellent work!

Icarus Air Grab by v_calahan (v_calahan) won Threadless’s Shred competition, and it definitely captures the daredevil nature of skateboarding. The pairing of the skeleton and eagle is suitably badass, calling to mind amazing nature photographs like the eagle and fox who fight for a fish in midair. You can imagine the eagle’s jealousy in seeing the bony fellow soar through the air on his board, no wonder he had to have the skateboard for himself! And the skeleton’s determination to keep the board is just as apparent, as he’s literally hanging on for dear life (and loving every minute, as his smile proclaims), So it’s definitely a fun scenario, well-illustrated, and with elements that particularly appeal to the hobby’s adherents- all in all, very successful.

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