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Threadless: Tiny Triceratops and more new this week

Tiny Triceratops by Wawawiwa (wawawiwa) is my favorite Threadless print this week. The winner of the site’s Miniatures challenge, it achieves this sense of smallness in a novel way- by using a strand of pencil shavings as the crest of a massive dinosaur, thus shrinking the animal to an adorably tiny size. The style mix of using a photograph for the pencil shavings and dark, drawn lines for the rest is very effective, creating a fun mix of reality and fantasy. There’s also a nice conceptual moment in the way we’re able to see the detritus of drawing alongside the result of it, almost a bit of before and after. Creative, memorable art.

Who Cares? by Steven Rhodes (blue sparrow) sets the scene in classic game show style, with a large flashy title and a panel of three contestants. But as with all designs in this retro series, all is not quite as it seems- the panel is made up of 70s-styled children, and the title gets at the heart of mindless television games, proclaiming “Who the fuck cares?” That casual profanity is incongruent with the sweet-faced, slightly bewildered kids, which makes the juxtaposition all the funnier. I think the concept also gets at the weird reality of being a little kid, where you’re both intensely curious about the world… and yet constantly made to do the things you’re least interested in and care the least about, like chores and homework.

Fun With Shadows by Steven Rhodes (blue sparrow) feels like the cover for an instructional children’s book, and is one of those designs that looks perfectly normal at first only to reveal a sinister side when you look closer. In this case, the hidden creepiness is in the largest shadow display, which takes an innocent enough arrangement of hands and fingers and reveals that the shadow it creates is the devil, complete with hellish flames roasting in the background. It feels supernatural, and like a reminder of the parental paranoia of the 70s and 80s that led otherwise reasonable adults to see covens and devil worship in ordinary D&D games and Ouija boards.

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