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Monsieur Poulet’s RMI Rabbits

RMI Rabbits by Ludwick has text that perplexes me, though googling tells me that the RMI part is probably a reference to France’s welfare program (I think it’d be funnier if it was simply The Rabbits, personally). But the scene itself is a lot of fun, showing an unconventional group of friends each participating in some fun activities- in the same room, but not quite together. I like that each character is its own creature, almost devolving from human-in-rabbit-costume to a bunny with human-like rocker hair and a t-shirt to a real (albeit tall) rabbit. It’s a bit of a devolution from foreground to background, though that journey isn’t reflected in choice of entertainment. So much focus is on the characters and what they do that the rest is kind of an afterthought- to the point where the chairs are so roughly formed that they could be anything from a beanbag to an armchair. It’s solid work, though, the kind of scene that makes viewers want to be a part of it. Plus, the doodled style is well-used, and the artist knows when to add texture (like in the beard and chairs) to create interest and some visual levels.

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