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Threadless: OCN LP and more new this week

OCN LP by NDTank (NDTank) could be considered a sequel to another design by the same artist, MTN LP. Both use the shape and texture of a record album to form its framing, though this design trades the original’s peaks for a bold, crashing wave. While each design uses a circle at the center to serve as the sun (and mimic a record’s label), I find the treatment this time to be superior to the original. There’s something very cool about the way the curve of the wave hugs the curve of the sun so tightly, hitting the exact same line. I’m less convinced on the inclusion of the dolphins (they feel awfully small compared to the bold shapes of the wave’s crests), in part because I think simplicity has been part of the strength of this style, but overall it’s an extremely good shirt, and one that calls to mind the freshness, freedom and joy of summer music.

Curse Stitch by John Tibbott (quiick-brown-fox) won Threadless’s Digital Cross Stitch contest, but I have to say that I find it slightly baffling. The basic humor makes sense to me, using the plague (or zombie) messaging of Dead Inside to make a joke about the wearer’s inner feelings of being dead inside. But the part that flummoxes me is like… why would it be cross stitch? Is there a context in which that kind of message would ever be stitched? I feel like part of the humor of Dead Inside messaging being applied to the shirt is that it’s so out of its usual context, that wording usually seen on a boarded up building is suddenly made funny by attaching it to a specific person instead of a place. So to me, this normalizing of the medium by making it look like stitches actually makes it less funny- in this context, the message was always meant to be on fabric, so it doesn’t mean anything other than the “this person is dead inside” punchline. Is it just me?

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