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Threadless: No Worries and more new this week

No Worries by Cody Weiler (csweiler) won Threadless’s Hats 2 challenge, but it’s a design that also works really well on shirts. The use of text to create the familiar face is inspired, and packs even more punch because of the specific words used. The spacing of NO, with each letter as an eye, leads the viewer to read it with a lazy drawl, emphasizing the relaxed feel of the slogan. I also like the way the slightly rough outer circle communicates a laidback, unfussy worldview to further support the slogan’s aims. The casual feel of the font chosen, with its thick, brushy strokes, is probably meant to do the same, but strikes me as a slight misfire- I think a thick handwritten lettering there might have represented the theme even better, especially because the use of two identical Rs right in a row starts to look a bit regimented and precise. Still, super-wearable and an excellent design!

Space Text by Jackie Farkas (JackieFarkas) has a very iconic, classic feel. The font and use of a rainbow motif both echo NASA graphics, which also infuses a good amount of nostalgia into the piece. Part of what makes this an interesting design to me is that, despite the retro look, there’s one big decision that makes this shirt very contemporary- it says Space instead of NASA, showing the way a modern space enthusiast looks to a variety of possibilities for the advancement of space travel (such as private companies or foreign governments) rather than just NASA. Maybe in this case it’s the destination that matters much more than how you get there.

Bike Dreams by Lisa Sundin (lisacsundin) is a different take on bike riding than is usually seen, setting the narrative at night rather than during the day. It all feels like an idealized vision of what biking could be at its best, an amazing journey through beautiful vistas under starlight… and yet somehow, with a smooth path ahead even through the shadows. The lack of a rider makes me think this might be the bike’s dream rather than a biker’s, which is a fun thought. The one element I remain on the fence about is the bike’s shadow. I like the idea of it, but in practice it looks a bit like two eyes and a crooked mustache to me, something that I think distracts a bit from the clean lines of the rest. The way the lines cut off feels busier to me than the rest, and draws my eyes more than the solidness of the bike above. Still a really solid piece, though.

Ride the Wave by Jackie Farkas (JackieFarkas) is pleasingly retro. I love the power and drama of that massive curling wave, the way the bend is lush with a round, lush press of bubbles that eases into smooth, straight lines that convey the water’s speed and strength. It’s a great shape, and sits well in the lined circle behind it, claiming the center with the inertia of the wave’s crest. Color also adds a lot to the design, with those gorgeously vintage sunset shades. I especially like the creamy, reddish beige used in place of white, which helps give the design an aged feel.

Simple Pleasures by Cody Weiler (csweiler) is a really interesting take on the outdoorsy minimalism concept, using thick, curved lines that have a rough-hewn, rustic feel. I like the way natural elements are used as framing, with pine trees blocking in the sides while mountains command the top and a river holds the bottom. The central scene is a warm campfire in front of a blue tent, each element reflecting a color used in the framing to further unite the artwork. The most intriguing choice in the design, though, has got to be the use of gradients- those subtle shadows echo the flickering of a campfire, making this piece pretty remarkable.

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