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Threadless: Where They Belong and more new this week

Where They Belong by Florent Bodart (speakerine) is my favorite Threadless print this week. With its big, leafy tree pattern and exotic animals, it feels like a sophisticated, slightly old-fashioned take on the Hawaiian shirt, making it perfectly timed for summer. In some cases the animals are just layered over the trees haphazardly but where the shirt really shines is when the two halves seem to interact, such as the snake climbing a tree. Birds sometimes float between the scenes, helping the pattern to seem more connected than just a series of unrelated moments. It’s all very effective, with the two colors creating interesting overlaps when the layers meet… and not only that, because the layering makes it difficult to tell which object is foreground and which is background, there animals start to feel a bit like ghosts, inhabiting a separate plane than the foliage around them. That gives the design the potential to be read as a bit of a warning, showing nature both with and without the animals who exist there.

Overthink by ilovedoodle is certainly relatable. It uses the familiar disaster imagery of a nuclear mushroom cloud to represent the way an anxious person might take something small and blow it out of proportion. The upper burst of cloud sports a nervous, frowning face while below it the circular cloud that orbits the explosion’s stalk is transformed into arms and some fidgeting hands, visibly fretting. The one color treatment makes the design feel classic in that minimal, timeless sort of way, and I think the message is one that a lot of people will resonate with.

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