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Threadless: No Hard Feelings and more new this week

No Hard Feelings by ilovedoodle (ilovedoodle) won Threadless’s Diversity and Equality challenge, and it’s also my favorite new design this week. There’s something very sweet and hopeful about seeing these once warring elements now united in friendship, and that cozy feeling is only amplified by the precision and understated cuteness of the drawing style. It feels like a doodle a kid might make in the margins of their school book, right down to the way the scissors and paper closely resemble school supplies. The hand-drawn text is another nice touch, adding some more personality to the proceedings. I think my favorite detail, though, is the way the scissors’ face is handled- instead of messing around with making the whole face sit directly on the object, it’s happy to let some of it float over the background. The design is made stronger by this choice because it helps to keep all three objects at the same level of interest and individuality, a truly equal trio.

A Kitty to the Past by Ilustrata (ilustrata) combines two popular things in an appealing way, Zelda and cats. While the concept is a bit random, I think a couple of things make it work. One is that the artist fully commits to the idea, creating an entire scene that supports the concept with details like a ball of yarn providing the title’s underline and using the triforce to decorate the cat’s collar. Another factor in the art’s success is the way it uses (what I assume to be) Japanese text as a major feature, a choice that makes gamers viewing the piece think of it in the context of alternate versions of games that sometimes exist in other regions, making this feel a bit like a rare import that Zelda fans would love to get their paws on.

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