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Monsieur Poulet’s Belle Robe

Belle Robe by Maumont is a portrait of a character who seems to have the right priorities in life, having discarded his shoes to lay in the grass and drink wine. It’s a relaxed scene that feels peaceful and lighthearted, with a retro charm in the drawing style used that gives its protagonist a giant, round orange head that glows like the sun. The most brilliant moment of the scene is without question the wine glass’s stem, which in the French fellow’s eyes is the leafy stem of a plant, turning the glass’s bowl into a delicious, liquid blossom. Less successful for me is the inclusion of the shirt’s title written directly in the drawing. While I like the style with which it was done (especially the way it incorporates the wine cork), the phrase just doesn’t add anything to the design for me. As near as I can tell, it translates as Beautiful Dress, which isn’t terribly meaningful in how it reflects on the rest of the art. And just having it there detracts attention from the much better wine glass moment above. Even with that questionable call, though, the design remains very wearable and memorable.

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