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Threadless: Hectic Rain and more new this week

Hectic Rain by Florent Bodart (speakerine) is my favorite print this week. It’s a huge, all-over print that immediately grabs the eye, and what impresses me most is how this pattern feels like real rain. The differing lengths of the lines and the way they bunch together in some places while remaining sparse in others feels very much like the haphazard scatter of actual rainfall. The color choices also give the design a lot of appeal, creating an almost confetti look, or the illusion of raindrops catching colored light as they fall. Awesome work, and all the more impressive that it feels so natural despite being constructed of precise geometric shapes.

Hemp! by Philipp Rietz (badbugs_art) might be about subject matter that doesn’t speak to me, but the care and craft with which it has been done still make it something that I enjoy looking at. In particular I appreciate the texture conveyed in the art, which has a sand-like look in the dark green background and lovely watercolor shades of lighter green created in the leaves themselves. It’s a choice that makes the design feel lush, with depth and softness that has me wanting to reach out and touch the leaves. The all-over look has a jungle ambiance to it, like the wearer might be peeking out from a massive forest of plants. Definitely a step above the usual pot-inspired shirt.

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