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Threadless: Noodles are Forever and more new this week

Noodles are Forever by Martina Scott is my favorite print this week. I love this design for its subtlety, transforming a striped shirt into a series of encircling noodles. The unevenness of the lines makes it visually interesting to look at, in addition to making the stripes feel more organic and noodle-like. I like the way the hand popping through the stripes with the chopsticks is printed at basically life size, making the illusion feel more real. The choice to limit the art to just white ink on black is also a good one, creating a sophisticated look and making the stripes just as much a focal point as the hand. Great work, and a perfect fit for an all-over print.

Party Hard by Christopher Allen Trejo (chris_trejo) is a really fun piece, giving those promotional dancing windsocks a different feel by adding a boombox and some text. The understated slogan is part of the fun, ending with a simple period rather than a more expressive exclamation. That combined with the boombox’s lack of music notes makes it possible to read the design as the windsock dancing to no sounds at all, adding to the humor. I also appreciate the red on white color scheme- I feel that because this color combination is also so common to plastic grocery bags, it gives the design some extra oomph. It makes me project the chaotic motion of abandoned bags wafting across a parking lot on to the way the windsock moves, making it feel even more animated.

Dream in 18-3838 by Quique Ruiz (Quique Ruiz) caught my eye instantly with the depth it is able to achieve through its milky layering of textures. The pair of embracing bears are given realistic dimension, seeming to emerge from thick, splattery clouds like a myth. At the very bottom of the art stands the silhouette of a small girl, creating the story that this scene is one she’s created in her imagination. It’s a nice, relatable narrative with the kind of visuals that make you want to take a closer look, and that closer look is rewarded with hints of stars and constellations scattered throughout the art.

Floral Melody by Jacques & Lise (jacquesandlise) reminds me of art nouveau pieces with its smooth geometry and generous curves. Conceptually, the design is immediately appealing with its use of long flower stems as strings of a harp. The way each string erupts into a beautiful blossom brings to mind the way the reverberation of the strings becomes more and more pronounced as it produces sound. Two small butterflies float above the harp, both like a visual representation of music and like wild creatures being attracted to the beauty of the song being played. Another choice I really like is the way the harpist’s hair feels similarly bountiful and glorious as the flowers, a thick mane that mirrors the shape of some blossoms while anchoring the character to the ground and directing the eye to the harp’s garden.

The Allergies by Teo Zirinis (TeoZ) imagines the causes of most allergies as a rock n roll band, a silly idea that helps make horrible allergies feel a little less awful. A tree mans the drum set, a reminder of the pounding headaches allergies can cause. A red flower blows on the saxophone, like the sneezes that curse so many in spring. I feel like because the other two instruments make so much sense, the white flower’s guitar is somewhat weaker as an inclusion, but it’s possible there’s a joke I’m missing. At any rate, I think most allergy sufferers would get a kick out of this design, and it’s fun to think of the air being full of melodies instead of pollen.

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