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Threadless: Nature Will Win and more new this week

Nature Will Win by Petr Stepanov (Steppeua) won Threadless’s Seasons: Spring challenge, and it’s also my favorite design of the week. This is one of those pieces that combines a solid concept with a unique visual style to create a shirt that is both artistically impressive and full of meaning. I love the way the bird perches on the heel of the axe, giving the viewer a sideways look as if to say “What are you looking at?” In his world, this rich environment of branches, leaves, and other foliage, the handle of an axe erupting into sprigs of living tree is perfectly normal, even expected. The use of flat, intricate shapes layered over larger shapes creates the impression of patterns throughout the piece, for a complex, textured visual that has the feeling of a wildly overgrown meadow. It all works together in perfect harmony, and is the sort of design so rich in detail that you just want to keep looking at it.

Beach Stack by Airic (3lines) keeps things minimal, and it’s a choice that really pays off. Using just straight lines, curved lines, a circle and color, the artist is able to very clearly convey the feeling of the warmth of a setting (or rising) sun over the cool waves of the ocean. It feels iconic, and because of the colors used there’s also a strong retro vibe. I feel like this is the kind of shirt that would look just as great in the 1970s as it does today, a timeless look and one that uses its elements in a sophisticated, bold way.

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