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Threadless: Nap-o-matic and more new this week

Nap-o-matic by Vó Maria (vomaria) is my favorite design this week. It’s a piece that first caught my eye in a Shirt.Woot derby, and the design is just as appealing now that it’s made it to Threadless’s catalog. There’s a lot to like about this one, particularly in how well it apes the look of real vintage advertisements. Smart font choices and heavy use of halftone dots immediately convey the feeling of the past, but with a sense of humor that is very contemporary. Laptop owners know well the complications of having a cat who loves to curl up on its warm keyboard, and it’s funny to see that same logic applied to the bulky, uncomfortable frame of an old fashioned computer.

Hugsss by Steven Rhodes is another entry in the artist’s series of vintage-inspired parodies, this time reframing a child about to be crushed by a snake as a poster boy for hugging. It’s an instantly funny image, especially because of the way the boy seems to look right into the eyes of the snake- one calm and curious, the other a cold-blooded predator with fangs ready to bite. This kind of juxtaposition works because it plays with the unsafe, slightly seedy vibe that 70s era kids material now seems to have, taking that association and making it undeniably blatant so that it almost feels like an artifact from a not-to-distant alternate history. The one thing I slightly question is how the design reads to people who aren’t familiar with the rest of the artist’s series- to me, it reads as a book cover because of the border and because that’s what most of the artist’s other designs take their inspiration from. But to newcomers, does the framing seem strange, maybe in need of more context? Hard to say.

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