28 May 2018 ~ 0 Comments

Monsieur Poulet’s Chaos 3

Chaos 3 by Yann Bagot is for me the weakest of his Chaos series, and the reason is that it’s the only design in the group that makes me question what I’m seeing rather than accepting it as an unusual rock formation. The problem lies in the bottom section, which has some very unlikely shapes. A major offender is the rock anchoring the left side, which is both a strange T shape and also appears to have another rock floating below it, unattached to anything. To the right of this stone is another odd one, a long thin slab that curves between two much larger rocks in an uncanny, fluid sort of way. It kills the visual tension created in the balanced forms elsewhere because it all feels invented rather than delicately positioned. That said, while the shapes of this piece aren’t to my liking, I still enjoy the textures being created on each stone. While the rocks don’t feel real this time, their surfaces are still wonderfully organic.

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