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Threadless: Dog Alphabet and more new this week

Dog Alphabet by barmalisiRTB (barmalisiRTB) is the winner of Threadless’s Alphabet challenge, and is also my favorite design this week. I love the dog as a character- with his thick framed glasses and bright scarf, he looks like the puppy version of a hipster. In that light, there’s something a bit pretentious about him having letters scattered over his coat instead of spots. But personally, I find it very charming because it reminds me of the way people like to see their animals as more intelligent than most, almost like little furry people. The artwork is also extremely well done, using the white of the shirt to form the pup’s glasses without the need for an outline. The bright pop of his red scarf really draws the eye, and the thickness of it compared to a normal collar is a nice way to set up the idea of this dog as different from the average animal.

Ooooh Magic! by Kurt (effect14) imagines a wizard being charmed and amazed by the unusual effects of 3D graphics. The illustration’s 3D illusion does work when seen through 3D glasses, making this a shirt that I think a lot of people would enjoy wearing when they go to watch a movie in that format. Plus, it’s charming to think of a wizard, someone who ought to be able to command the very forces of nature with just a few words and a simple wand, as a rube amazed by our simple visual trickery. Wait until this guy gets his hands on an iPhone!

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