04 May 2018 ~ 0 Comments

Monsieur Poulet’s Peignons les Roses en Rouge

Peignons les Roses en Rouge by Amandine Meyer stands out in a big way due to its innovative style. While I’ve seen a lot of watercolor shirts, I’ve never seen one use the technique in quite this way. Splitting the art into shards that come to a point in the center, each slice has a different coloring. Because these pieces are all filled with watercolor, there’s some really beautiful fading and soft edges were sections meet, creating a design that feels like looking into the distance through colorful stained glass. An interesting aspect of the artwork is that it’s not just the colors that shift as the section changes, elements can also disappear at those edges. It makes the figure of the girl in the center, whose presence is always consistent, feel even more like a focal point, a traveller through a chaotic (but beautiful) landscape.

Winners at Monsieur Poulet earn 2 Euros per item sold, for a total of up to 2000 Euros.

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