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Threadless’s Butt Bone and more new this week

Butt Bone! by Rafael Jurado Castillo (Raffiti) is my favorite of Threadless’s new butt-themed designs this week. What I love about this piece is how genuinely unexpected the joke is. Because of the way the avocado’s pit is entirely within an uncut avocado, this relationship is not one that most people would naturally think about. But once you’ve seen the way the pit protrudes from the avocado half in this cartoon, it feels really natural, like the joke was there all along just waiting for someone to discover it. The way the avocado is personified as kind of a gross, dull-witted fellow with his half-closed eyes and butt scratching just makes the whole thing even funnier, especially since it’s such a departure from the healthy, fresh associations most people have with avocados.

Butt Logic by Ivan Rodero (ivanrodero) is definitely the most sophisticated of the butt-themed tees this week. With its elegantly serifed type and clean lines, it could easily be a graphic in a textbook… if not for the subject matter. A simple asterisk creates the punchline in the center of the venn diagram, for a design that will only read as silly to those paying close attention.

Sexy, Butt Not Vulgar by Vó Maria (vo maria) stars an oddly posed pug, and the strangeness of the image is surprisingly appealing. The dog’s eyes point in different directions, which is both common to the breed and a choice that mirrors the unlikely physicality of his bent pose. Combined with a large, unreadable headline in another language, the art starts to feel like a weird advertisement for a mystery product. But for me, the line of text below the illustration takes away from some of the fun above. It’s not really funny (despite the pun) and it limits the possibilities of the art above by giving too much information. A little more mystery would have gone a long way.

Apple Bottom by Jeremy Owen (L-M-N-O-P) is kind of a more low-key, subtle version of another Threadless classic, Booty Fruit. Pulling all the focus on one fruit instead of many makes it more personal, and because of the apple’s other additions (arms and legs) the butt effect isn’t the first thing the viewer notices. Plus, giving the apple shoes makes him easy to relate to, giving the character a hint of personality. Combined with his clenched little fists and wide build, he looks a bit tough, but the crispness of his leaf still marks him as nice guy.

Asstronomy by ilovedoodle (ilovedoodle) is super-silly, kind of an extended Uranus joke that imagines all the planets as butts. The quick, sketchy look of the piece helps to convey a carefree vibe that supports the humor. I like that although the concept is simple, the canvas is covered in little moments and things to look at, prime among them the comet in the shape of cartoon poop. I’m not always fond of captions that give away the joke, but writing Asstronomy on the piece in this case is a smart choice because it adds to the fun and is a pun the average viewer might not have come up with independently.

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